Information Publication Tarif

Magdaléna o.p.s. states , this tariff for providing information (“tariff”) in order with article 5 paragraph 1 letter f) of the act n° 106/1999 Sb., treating free access to information, as amended, in connection with article 17 of this act and with the order of the government  n° 173/2006 Sb., treating general rules of payment and license fees for providing information according to the law treating free access to information and based on article 102 paragraph 3 of the act n° 128/2000 Sb., of municipalities, as amended:

1. Cost for ordering copies.

For ordering one black and white A4 copy:

  • One-sided: 2 CZK
  • Two-sided: 4 CZK

For ordering one black and white A3 copy:

  • One-sided:: 4 CZK
  • Two-sided: 7 CZK

For printing on the black and white printer (A4 single-sided):

  • One-Page: 2 CZK

For ordering a copy in a different format or colour, the actual cost of the copy will be charged based on the provider of the copy services, which the town will be required to pay to the provider.

2. Cost of obtaining technical data carriers.

For ordering a technical data carrier (CD, DVD, Flash drive), the actual cost of the copy will be charged based on the provider of the copy services, which the town will have to pay for the provider.

3. Cost of sending information to the recipient

  1. The cost will be calculated based on the tariff provided by Česká Pošta, s. p. Cost of packaging is set at 10,- Kč per package by the tariff.
  2. In case the receiver decides to pick-up their package, no costs will be accounted.

4. Cost of particular extension of providing information

  1. In case of providing a special extension of information each hour spent by a worker will be accounted for 2000 CZK. If more than one worker is needed to provide this extra information, the sum of all the hours spent by the number of workers will be accounted for.
  2. If any other costs will be made in the process of providing this type of information (cost of transportation) an individualised calculation will be made.

5. Other Provisions

  1. The total cost will be calculated by summing all costs associated with providing information.
  2. Due to specific circumstances the head of DPS Buštěhrad can fully or partially drop the receiver’s cost based on their demands.
  3. The applicant can pay in cash during office hours at Magdaléna o.p.s., Včelník 1070, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy or by credit transfer to an account lead by České spořitelny č. 388061319/0800.
  4. This tariff is set for an indefinite period.
  5. The Director of Magdaléna o.p.s. approved the tariff. On 31st August 2022.

At Mníšek pod Brdy on 1st September 2022

Mgr. Ondřej Sklenář

Director of Magdaléna o.p.s.

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