Centre for primary prevention

About the Centre of primary prevention

The centre for primary prevention offers general/selective programs of primary prevention, including adaptation and harmonisation courses for students and teachers in primary and secondary schools. Our programs aim to prevent risky behaviour in children and young adults. Our programs come from their actual needs and are adjusted toward them. They focus on the following:

  • Strengthening confidence/self-worth, social and communication skills.
  • Strengthening safe space in the class, and development of healthy relationships in collectives.
  • Ability to withstand social pressure from peers and resolve problems effectively
  • Problems of addiction and other risky behaviours.

We follow students on the journey toward adulthood, full of uncertainty and temptation. We offer school and teacher help resolving complex situations, information and consultation.

What is the centre of primary prevention

The centre for primary prevention Magdaléna is a certified service, that provides general and selective primary prevention programs for primary and secondary schools. It prepares children and young adults for entrance into the world of adults.

Our services are made for students of individual classes, class collectives, teachers and parents. The origin of our centre goes back to 2007. We present ourselves as a certified service with the accreditation of an educational institution since 2009.

What are the goals of primary prevention

Our main goal is to prevent the birth of risky behaviour in children and young adults or to push it back to the furthest age. Our programs increase awareness of risky behaviours, including substance or non-substance-based addictions.

With the students in primary and secondary schools, we discuss current topics like mental health, bullying, relationships in class and families, approach to authority, healthy lifestyle and many more.

What are the principles of our work

From our perspective, prevention isn’t scary or moralising knowing, but mainly a discussion. We support students in a healthy confidence, in the ability to solve troublesome situations, in being able to choose independently and responsibly or know how to ask for help.

Our programs come from the knowledge certain groups’ needs and are adjusted to their needs. Our work is long-term. The topics of our programs follow up on one another. We respect the effective principles of prevention from the Ministry of Education.

What we offer within the centre of primary prevention

  • We offer prevention programs including harmonisation and adaptation courses for schools
  • We offer counselling, consultation, methodological guidance or support in the creating of prevention plans and programs for schools.
  • We offer help with resolving the risky behaviour of students, we secure finances for school prevention activities and we solve bullying incidents.

Who are these programs made for

Our services are made for students in grades 6th-9th of primary school, students of high schools, teachers, parents, professional groups and the public.

Professional centres and facilities

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