Declaration of Accessibility

Magdaléna, o.p.s. pledges to provide public access to its internet websites per the act n° 99/2019 Sb. (treating the accessibility of websites and mobile applications and the changes of act č. 365/2000 Sb., treating the information systems of public administration and changes to other acts, as amended, implementing the Directive of the European parliament and Council (EU) 2016/2102).

This legal claim of accessibility is applicable to the internet website

State of concordance

The websites placed on the servers have been created with regards to accessibility to the web in order to meet the requirements of availability imposed by BFW, WCAG 1.0 and Best practice – Rules for creating an accessible website prepared by MICR made for purposes of the act n° 365/2000 Sb. (treating information systems of public administration).

Unaccessible or partially accessible content

Some links for preview pictures included in the gallery are not accompanied by a subtext/picture description as the pictures don’t have a stated alternate text (Criteria 1.1.1 and 2.4.4 standard WCAG 2.1). Due to a significant number of pictures and the capacity of the web operator supplying meaningful text for all the pictures would constitute an undue burden (based on article 7 of the act mentioned above).

Some information on this server is provided as a downloadable PDF file as it contains file formats the XHTML does not support or that are too large and downloading is more appropriate. These documents are accessible and viewable in any modern browser, like the one used to open the website, and in some instances Adobe Reader, which is free to download from the official Adobe website.

Processing of this statement for accessibility

This statement was processed on 1st September 2022.

The statement was created under guidance of a third party – the processor of these websites Illusmart Digital LTD.

Criteria considered by the act n° 99/2019 Sb. regarding later demands and standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines- WCAG 2.1.

Feedback and Contacts

Any comments, statements, or questions about the website or any objections of non-compliance with the act n° 99/2019 Sb., including the option of reporting non-compliance to the respective government body, shall be addressed to us at “”

Contact information of the person responsible for website accessibility and for managing requests regarding feedback mechanism:

Magdaléna, o.p.s.
Včelník 1070
252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy
Czech republic

Process of law enforcement

In case the answer to your message isn’t satisfactory, please contact the following government body:

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of eGovernment:

Ministry of Internal Affairs, eGovernment
náměstí Hrdinů 1634/3
140 21 Prague 4
Czech republic

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