Contact centers of addictology services

Contact centres of Magdalena provide professional social and addictology help to addicts and their relatives. Our main goals are:

  • To minimise social and healthcare risks for clients and the public.
  • To motivate drug addicts to change their lifestyle, seek treatment and abstinence.

We are not only helping addicts, but also their families and close ones. Clients in our centres are given advice and therapy sessions, whilst we also offer them help with hygiene services and support them in dealing with institutions and doctors. Addictology centres help clients and their loved ones to reach a better quality of life from a health, psychological and social perspectives.

We operate in:

What services do we provide:

Clients have the opportunity to exchange their syringes, and get health care tools (disinfection, face mask etc.), obtain individual or family advice, get hygienic or nutrition services.
They can also get healthcare treatment, and get tested for infectious diseases and drugs. We provide risk intervention and assistance services. They can also get legal advice from us.
Who are our services for?

Our centres are open for those above 15 years of age, substance users (no matter the frequency), those who inhale substances and clients from the substitution program.
Our services are also given to those who struggle with alcohol addiction, gambling and last, but not least to family and relatives of those who suffer from addiction.
What principles do we stand by

Professional care is given to our clients in a calm and safe environment. We respect our clients’ rights, their dignity and freedom of choice.

We are easy to access and our services are available, anonymous, free and individualised. We respect the ethical code and go by the Ethical codex of the association of social workers and the Ethical codex of the Czech street work association. The same goes for clients and employees.

Since 2017 we have provided traininig jobs in centres in Příbram, Beroun and Benešov. The training job for active substance users extends the complex of harm reduction services.  Workers expand their harm reduction approach to include an effective tool for working with the “unmotivated” client and see the reality of a gradual change in client thinking. Training jobs for active users help clients change their perspective on their life, health, use, etc. through the opportunity to work in a safe and supportive environment. It is a variant that is very similar to the “housing first” approach in our concept of “job first”.

In 2022, we financed training jobs with the help of the donation campaign “You are giving back your working life” with this video:

Contact centers and other facilities

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